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Great Pyramid Found 2,500 Years Rare Artefacts
Great Pyramid Found 2,500 Years Rare Artefacts TravelNews Malaysia Travel News | TravelNews


THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA has remained one of the biggest mysteries in the world, but a new discovery surrounding the pyramids has revealed a burial site over 2,500 years old and a rare silver mask.
The Great Pyramid of Giza, found in Cairo, Egypt, is home to a number of mysteries regarding its origin and its design.
A recent discovery by a team of archaeologists from Egypt and Germany has revealed an ancient burial ground.
It is thought to date back 2,500 years, Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani explained in a press conference.
"A joint Egyptian-German mission of archaeologists have discovered a 30-meter-deep shaft dating back to the 26th dynasty," he said, reported Reuters.
"This is the beginning of a new discovery... we still need a lot of work in the site."
The discovery was made near Saqqara, an ancient burial ground, found in the south of Cairo.
It is located in Memphis which was the first capital of ancient Egypt and a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also home to the three pyramids of Giza.
Archaeologists found a mummification workshop which can be used to learn more about the origin of the oils used to mummify the dead.
It could go as far back as 664 BC, with other discoveries including statues, jars and vessels.
A shocking discovery was of a silver mask gilded with gold, only the second time a rare silver piece has been found.
Khaled al-Anany confirmed: “This object is very rare, to have a silver mask gilded with gold, and as Ramadan mentioned now, we have only two of this kind, so it is a very nice discovery.”
The discoveries will later be placed at the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is still being built.
More is expected to be found as the area is excavated further.
The new discoveries are hoped to entice more tourists to the region as the country has struggled.
A 2,000-year-old tomb was recently opened in Egypt which is rumoured to be Alexander the Great.
(Article from DailyExpress--16 July 2018)

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