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Maritime Silk Road cultural promotions go overseas
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Maritime Silk Road cultural promotions go overseas
The delegation of Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour set off from Guangzhou today on an outbound trip to promote the heritage of Maritime Silk Road—the ancient sea route through which silk, spice and porcelain were traded between China and the world.
The Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour is an important cultural event of China, launched in late August and scheduled to last three years as the delegation retrace the ancient sea route across five continents.
For this year, the delegation, mainly composed of city representatives of China's City Alliance for the Preservation and World Heritage Nomination of the Maritime Silk Road Heritage ("the Alliance"), will visit three countries along the route—Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Cyprus.

Accompanying the delegation to these countries are a series of cultural promotion events, both official and public ones, such as art performances, Maritime Silk Road themed VCR screening, and exhibitions.
Local government officials and experts on cultural heritage will also be invited to the events, and the possibility of archaeological and cultural cooperation between both sides will be discussed.
The outbound tour of the delegation will last about ten days. Check out the schedule on the chart below.
Stay tuned for more about the delegation's tour to the three countries.

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