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Tourist attracted to visit 1st opened 3 walls of The Imperial Palace
Tourist attracted to visit 1st opened 3 walls of The Imperial Palace TravelNews Malaysia Travel News | TravelNews
(2 Oct 2018-jqknews) The Beijing News yesterday was the second day of the National Day holiday. It is also the traditional peak day of the Imperial Palaces annual tour. Since the limit of 80,000 trips per day was imposed in 2015, the peak number of visitors to the Palace Museum is no longer reflected in the number of tourists, but in the intensity of the ticket rush. As early as the morning of September 30th, tickets for the Imperial Palace in October 2nd were sold out online.
During the National Day holiday this year, the three walls of the Imperial Palace are all open. The audience can climb the tower, overlooking the inside and outside the Forbidden City and enjoying the autumn scenery of the ancient capital.
The newly opened walls, including the southern section of the Palace Museum from Wumen to the southwestern corner and the section from Donghua Gate to the northeastern corner, are connected with several sections of the wall that have been opened before. So far, the Imperial Palace, north, East, South three walls are all open, and achieved through.
Open three walls? Look at 3/4 the Imperial Palace
Visitors to the Imperial Palace during the National Day holiday this year can get a completely new viewing angle. In October 2015, the Palace Museum opened its walls in the area from Donghua Gate to Wumen Yan Wing Tower. On the eve of National Day last year, the northern wall of the Palace Museum was also opened. Today, the three walls of South, North and East are all open.
The open wall can not only provide tourists with unique sightseeing experience, but also help evacuate spectators. In the past, visitors to the Palace Museum almost crowded on the central axis, visiting the first three palaces, the latter three palaces and imperial gardens will be out of the Shenwumen. With the opening of more areas of the Palace Museum, many tourists are attracted by sights such as the Sixth Palace of East and West, the Garden of Cining Palace, the Wuying Palace and the Wenhua Palace on both sides of the central axis, and the burden of the central axis is greatly reduced. The opening of the north and south through the city walls is expected to further ease tourists.
For the first time, we tried to open the wall. People could walk along the wall to the northeast corner tower, take a rest in the northeast corner tower, and continue walking along the wall to the East China Gate. The audience at Donghua Gate has different choices. They can continue to visit the East Wenhua Palace and other areas, or they can go directly from Donghua Gate to Wangfujing. Shan Kuixiang, the president of the Palace Museum, said that with the opening of the northern, Eastern and southern walls, the three-dimensional transportation system was constructed to allow the Palace Museum to open from the Wumen Gate to the Shenwumen Gate.
Jubilee Palace cold spots scenic spots in the red belt
Tourist congestion has been alleviated as the Palace Museum imposes current restrictions, and the barriers used to evacuate tourists have long been unused. However, this year National Day holiday, the isolation zone out of the lake, appeared in a once absolutely cold-door attraction - the Jubilee Palace.
When reporters visited the Imperial Palace yesterday, many tourists were talking about the word Yan Xi Palace. With the popularity of the hit show, Jubilee, the Jubilee Palace has become a new punch card resort in the Imperial Palace.
According to the Palace Museum website, Yanxi Palace is one of the six palaces in the East. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, concubines lived there. In the 25th year of Daoguang (1845), a fire broke out and 25 buildings were burned down, leaving only the palace gates. In the first year of Xuantong (1909), a three-storey Western-style building, Lingmaoxuan (also known as Crystal Palace), was built at the original site of the Yanxi Palace, surrounded by a pool of dredged water and jade springs, all of which were cast in iron. However, because of the emptiness of the Treasury, it was never completed. Therefore, the Jubilee palace has also become an uncompleted residential building lasting for 100 years.

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