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China will build the first Antarctic permanent airport
China will build the first Antarctic permanent airport TravelNews Malaysia Travel News | TravelNews
Beijing, Oct. 28, Science and Technology Daily (Reporter Chen Yu) 28 reporters learned from the relevant parties that Chinas 35th Antarctic Expedition Team members will take the snow dragon to Antarctica on November 2. An important task of this expedition is to build Chinas first permanent Antarctic airport on the ice sheet 28 km from Zhongshan Station in Antarctica.
In the eyes of the industry, it is no less difficult than building an inspection station.
First of all, the location is special. The alternative location is located on the ice sheet. The ice cover is better than a quilt on the Antarctic continent, but it is moving. To build a permanent airport, we first need to find a relatively uniform ice cover and a small movement range. To solve this problem, a year ago, the ice field observation in China has been conducted at the alternative address.
Secondly, dozens of meters of soft snow covered on the ice sheet can not meet the requirements of landing and take-off, the snow needs to be transformed. The transformation process is roughly like this: first, the snow is preliminarily treated with a snow shovel and a snow blower, then compacted with a snow compressor, and then supplemented by a snow plow, the snow is turned into a frictional surface. So repeatedly, the difficulty can be imagined.
Compared with domestic airports, the planned size of the airport is not large. But its requirements for system navigation, communication system and meteorological support system are not low. For example, in order to solve the problem of meteorological support, three years ago, China has set up automatic meteorological observation stations in alternative locations to accumulate meteorological information.
The construction of the new airport means that Chinas first polar fixed-wing aircraft, Snow Eagle 601, will have an Antarctic home airport, which will provide support for Chinas familiarity with the Antarctic airport operation system, the construction of the Antarctic aviation network system, the future operation of Chinas large-scale aircraft and a number of aircraft fleets.

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