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Perak tourism promotion takes on an art form
Perak tourism promotion takes on an art form TravelNews Malaysia Travel News | TravelNews
(The Star, 18 Dec - IPOH) Making their thoughts known on nature, life and buildings through the use of brush strokes, some 30 renowned artists from Malaysia and China came together to paint a 30m-long scroll to promote Perak to the world.
Depicting the streets, heritage buildings, sceneries and even the people, the artists painted with sureness of strokes and equanimity of colours.

The project was jointly organised by the Malaysian Watercolour Society (MWS) and Grayhaus Living Arts Gallery yesterday.
The artists took about two hours to complete the scroll, which was carried out to the sidewalk of the gallery on Jalan Sultan Idris Shah here.
Chua, who is also MWS president, said the scroll would be exhibited at the gallery as part of a tourism promotion and that the project was to foster closer ties among artists from both countries, and to learn from one another.
“This is a good platform for art lovers to come together because it is not easy to get famous artists to be at one location at the same time,” he added.
Gallery owner Francis Ng said: “These are not mere paintings, but a strong and powerful message with the focus subject Perak.”
Hu, 67, who had won several awards from the American Watercolour Society, said this was his third visit to Malaysia.
“I always feel like home when I come to this country, and Perak especially is very rich in its history and heritage sites.
“There are so many landmarks in Ipoh which can be painted,” he added.
Tu, 64, a professor at Yunan University, added that painting instilled a spiritual feeling among artists.
“It bonds us together. Somehow, our emotional feelings set in when we start to paint.”


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