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More Chinese nationals are expected to visit Malaysia
More Chinese nationals are expected to visit Malaysia Others Malaysia Travel News | TravelNews
KUALA LUMPUR - The next year is referred as China – Malaysia culture and tourism year and more Chinese nationals are expected to visit Malaysia.
More Chinese nationals are expected to visit Malaysia next year as year 2020 is China-Malaysia culture and tourism year, said Consular counsellor of Embassy of China to Malaysia Liu Dongyuan.
She said ties between Malaysia and China start a new phase following two visits to China by Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohammad. Bilateral ties between two countries are closer and exchanges are more frequent. 
In conjunction with 45th anniversary of Malaysia-China ties, Liu said more tourists from China are expected to visit Malaysia. She said this while unveiling the plaque of legal aid centre to assist Chinese nationals by the Malaysia China Legal Cooperation Society.
She said the number of tourists from China visiting Malaysia had increased from 2.28 million in 2017 to 2.94 million last year. The number of tourists is expected to exceed 3 million this year. 
On trade between China and Malaysia, she said for the past 10 years, China has become Malaysia’s largest trading partner. People of two countries have frequent interactions.
Loh Chang Woo, president of the Malaysia China Legal Cooperation Society stressed if disputes can be resolved then legal avenue is not needed. The law is universal in safeguarding fairness and justice and maintain the rights of those involved.
Loh said the interaction between people of Malaysia and China will continue to be deepened, legal matters require legal professionals to handle. 
He said Malaysian lawyers of various races, especially the younger generation are taking up the roles as volunteers in legal matters to reflect the spirit of all riding on the same boat. 
“Today, our scope of services has expanded. We are serving students from China who are studying in overseas, Chinese corporations and others,’’ he said. 
(Source : Sin Chew Daily)


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