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Southwest China's Tibet gears up for off-season tourism in winter
Southwest China's Tibet gears up for off-season tourism in winter Others Malaysia Travel News | TravelNews
Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region is entering its off-season tourism period, which usually starts from November to next year's April. The region's tourism development department launched a series of supportive policies for winter tourism on Tuesday.
The policies include free visits to the Potala Palace and other national 3A-level tourist attractions and above in the region. There are also upwards of 50 percent discounts for airlines and three-star hotels and above in the region. The policies will continue for five months till March 15, 2020, according to the department.
The winter tourism policies launched in 2018 have promoted the rapid development of Tibet's tourism, the department said.
During the off peak season, the average temperature is 8-10 degrees Celsius below freezing in the evening and about 15 degrees during the day. The sun sets around 8 o'clock and the temperature plummets after. 
Tibet's precipitation levels in winter accounts for only 10-20 percent of the whole year, which means the air is extremely dry. Lakes at high altitudes will freeze from October to April and some scenic spots will be closed because of heavy snow. But visitors to cites like Lhasa, Shigatse would not be too affected by the weather. 

(Source: CGTN News)


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