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First snow in SW China's Sichuan lures tourists
First snow in SW China's Sichuan lures tourists Others Malaysia Travel News | TravelNews
Cities in southwest China's Sichuan Province welcomed their first snow in the second half of the year, with the falling snow turning the region into a white fairyland. Many tourists traveled far to get here to enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery. 
''The early winter scenery here is very special. We've never seen anything like this before. I'm so excited to see the first snow here. The scenery here is just like what I saw on Christmas cards when I was a child. And now, I'm really here. It feels so special,'' said Ms. Zeng, a tourist from Taiwan.
Mount Emei, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, also had its first snowfall on Sunday night. The white-painted landscape and rime-capped trees prompted many visitors to take photos. 
''I'm so happy to see the first snow at the top of the mountain . It's my pleasure to see such a beautiful snow scenery. I don't even want to go back home,'' said Wang Hehai, a tourist from east China's Fujian Province.
The service department at the Mount Emei scenic spot has started to clear the snow so as to guarantee the safety of tourists.

(Source: CGTN News)


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